Buffet Style

Vegan GF Event Catering 

We offer top quality vegan and gluten-free catering for all manner of special occasions.

We are dedicated to working closely with you to create an unforgettable experience that will not only enhance your event, but also keep your guests talking about it for years to come.

See some of examples of our offering below to start planning your delicious meal today.

Give your special event a boost!

At Casa Green Cuizine we offer vegan and gluten-free catering for intimate dinner parties, weddings and all manner of special events.  Tell us about your personal requirements so that we can plan the perfect spread to suit the occasion. What can be done is limited only by the imagination and what follows are just a few examples...

My big fat vegan wedding

Starter: curried cauliflower soup with coconut milk.

Mains: wild mushroom pearl barley risotto with coleslaw; herb flower and green leaf salad.

Dessert: lime 'n chili chocolate torte

Spring dinner for friends

Starter: white gazpacho.

Mains: creamy nettle ravioli with sage and pine nut butter.

Dessert: chocolate mousse stacks.

Christmas drinks & nibbles

Almond & poppy seed crackers with smoked cashew and carrot paté;

Mini vegetable or potato samosas;

Spicy corn cakes with guacamole or salsa topping; Crustless quichelettes; Vegan jellies with cashew cream.

A quick summer lunchtime

Main: vegan quiche

Dessert: mango, pineapple and orange fruit salad with a spices caramel sauce and vegan meringues.

A winter warmer supper

Starter: roasted carrot and ginger soup.

Main: vegan bobotie with saffron rice and wilted greens.

Dessert: lime mousse