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Hello and welcome to our Vegan and Gluten Free Website

Here at Casa Green Cuizine we love healthy, wholesome food and we're mad about plants. Gluten, not so much. You might be new to vegan cooking and looking for some inspiration.  Maybe you need to avoid gluten in your food and would appreciate some support, or perhaps you simply want to expand your vegan and gluten-free repertoire.  You may be looking for a holiday without the stress of constantly hunting for decent food among the dreaded "vegan options".  Either way, we hope that our mix of cookery courses, video demonstrations, vibrant recipes and engaging blog posts will help demystify the world of veganism and supercharge your healthy lifestyle.


Feeling your way? Through our cookery courses and demonstrations we'll help you develop your knowledge, skill and confidence in creating enticing vegan and GF dishes. 

Grilled Antipasti Canapes

We create delicious and inspired dishes using only the freshest ingredients, emphasizing taste and exemplary style. Talk to us about your next vegan and gluten-free event. 


We now run small-scale cycling holidays that are specifically designed for vegans, so that you don't have to worry about where the next meal is coming from. 

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Keep up to date with latest developments in vegan and gluten-free cooking and find out about the science that lies behind creating delicious flavour combinations.

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